The Most Valuable Advice – A Feedback

The Most Valuable Advice – A Feedback

When we talk about the personal feedback, no matter how mature and how senior we are, leaders need a feedback, not only from their “supervisors” [2], but also from their peers.

Some years ago, we had a management workshop with the external human resource facilitator. As a part of the team bonding activities the feedback session was organized on a way that everyone writes anonymously three positive and two things to improve for each of the team members. At the end of the session, all of us received a bunch of yellow stickers from which we needed to present ourselves in front of the team.

You might get surprised how others see you! Presenting self through the light of the yellow stickers that talk about you is a great way to learn and understand some more things about yourself and others in a same time. It is in accordance to the Johari Window [1] shown on the picture

Johari Window

Johari Window


We are all blind for certain things.

Such an exercise makes a better bonding with others.

At the end, we needed to commit on three things to improve in the next three months in front of the team, while the facilitator would remind us to persist.

Having myself the opportunity to lead the team of leaders, we repeated similar sessions few times. Last time we get rid of the yellow stickers and talked openly one at a time about each of us.

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As we progress with our growth, learning and bonding within our team, we should think innovatively about getting a feedback from our team members on a regular basis. We can always improve, so make commitments to the improvements suggested by your team pals.

[1] The Johari window is a technique created and named after Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955 to help people better understand their relationship with self and others…more

[2] I personally don’t like to use the word supervisor, especially in the context of leadership. However, here is related to the process of formal feedback, or annual individual talks often prescribed as a process.